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Intellectual Property Lawyers and Technology Lawyers

We take the complicated and make it simple.

We break down the steps of intellectual property protection and guide you through the process, so you know where you are going and exactly how you are going to get there.

We are a specialist IP and technology law firm helping technology rich companies protect, commercialise and enforce their rights and interests in Intellectual Property and Technology.

EAGLEGATE provides pre-emptive and reactive legal advice in respect of Technology Law, Intellectual Property (IP) Law, Privacy and Information Security Law.

We offer legal solutions uniquely tailored to the specific needs of our clients. No matter which industry you belong to, our IP lawyers can help you.

Our team has immense experience in Intellectual Property and Technology Law which is why we are able to cater to the needs of our clients -- be it around intellectual property, data security, emerging technologies, or privacy.

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IP and Technology Protection

Agreements: NDAs, asset protection, licensing, assignment, JV, shareholder

Intellectual Property (IP) rights: Trade Mark Registration, oppositions, removal actions, IP protection, respones to IP Australia including adverse examination report responses, trade mark top tips

Information security: Privacy Act, confidential information and trade secrets

Source Code Escrow: Software, source code, data and materials escrow services.

IP and Technology Commercialisation

All Commercial Law Agreements:Licensing agreements, manufacturing agreements, distribution agreements, NDAs

Technology Agreements: software as a service (SaaS) agreements, cloud agreements, shrink-wrap agreements, click-wrap agreements, end-user licence agreements, website development agreements.

Commercialisation of business structures: We assist businesses of all sizes

Litigation/Dispute Resolution

IP Rights Litigation: Patent, trade mark infringement, trade mark litigation, copyright, design litigation and infringement

InfoSec/Privacy: Data theft, misuse of confidential information, mandatory data breach reporting, Privacy Act advice

Domain name disputes: auDRP, UDRP, policy deletes, cybersquatting and reverse cybersquatting

Intellectual Property Law Firm


EAGLEGATE is an award-winning firm with a track record of achieving positive outcomes for clients.

We provide tailored legal solutions that closely align with the specific needs of your business and your industry.

For your Technology and Intellectual Property Law matters, choose our experienced Australian lawyers with a proven track record of obtaining positive outcomes for clients.

We work in partnership with corporate and commercial decision makers to future proof their businesses and ideas. We collaborate with clients to achieve their business targets, enable them to make informed decisions and be competitive in their marketplaces. Our legal team tailors unique solutions for everything from IP litigation, trade mark registration, domain name disputes, privacy matters, infosec and corporate governance.

We are open, direct and transparent. Don’t just take our word for it. Browse through our testimonials to see what clients have to say about EAGLEGATE lawyers.

Give us a call today for all IP and technology law-related queries. We offer a free initial consultation for all new clients.

Meet our Team.

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