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Netflix Outsmarts POTUS On Space Force Trade Mark
Netflix Outsmarts POTUS On Space Force Trade Mark

It’s the sort of news that cracks up trade mark lawyers- how the United States’ military Space Force may have been trumped in a trade mark move by a Netflix streaming comedy series of that name.

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Harry & Meghan's pre-emptive trademark move

Prince Harry and Meghan were actively preparing to quit the Royal Family months ago by filing trade mark applications to commercially protect their brand.

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New Age of Trade Mark infringement defences in Australia

A cautionary tale for trade mark holders in Australia - there’s a new trend in legal cases to bring a cross claim to declare the trade mark invalid based on it being filed in the wrong name.

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How Kim K and Cardi B learned that their Gimmicks are not

What do Kim Kardashian, rapper Cardi B and Paris Hilton have in common? – all have come unstuck over moves to try and trade mark common words. B