Patent Definition: A patent is a government granted right to exploit an invention.

A patent is sometimes expressed as a monopoly but it is not a true monopoly because it does not exclude all other traders, but rather excludes the vast majority of other traders.


EAGLEGATE’s founding Partner, Nicole Murdoch, is an Engineer, has formal training as a Patent Attorney and has over 10 years industry experience in the IT industry. She has been working with IT and computers since 1984. She is a Doyle’s Guide recommended IP lawyer and holds a Masters in Industrial Property. She trained as a Patent Attorney with Cullens Patent and Trade Mark attorneys. She has practiced IP law for the last 10 years and understands the practical implications of technology contracts and court cases on clients and their businesses. She aims to settle cases on commercially sensible and economic terms without having to proceed to court.

Stuart Efstathis’ background is in Applied Science, majoring in Biotechnology. This allows him to fully understand specialist client’s needs and provide tailored advice accordingly. Stuart enjoys advising on complex expert evidence in matters involving the sciences. Stuart is able to assist in matters regarding the changing nature of copyright law in the context of artificial intelligence, as well as changes to medical and software patents in the face of rapid technological advancement.


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Over the last 10+ years we have provided both preemptive and reactive IP infringement advice to clients in all economic and legal positions. We have run and won numerous Patent infringement proceedings.
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