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Trade Marks

Trade Mark Lawyers providing trade mark registration, commercialisation and enforcement services

It is essential that you use qualified and experienced trade mark lawyers to register, commercialise and protect your trade mark and brand rights.

Our Trade Mark Legal Services include:

What is a Trade Mark

Trade marks act as a badge of origin for products or services. They indicate to consumers the origin of your goods and services and the quality of those goods and services. It is vital that you commercialise your brand in a way which teaches consumers to think of you when they hear your brand name. It needs to distinguish your goods from those of others.

Traders are often tempted to adopt descriptive words when adopting a brand because it descriptive terms instantly indicate to consumers what goods or services the trader provides. However, adopting descriptive terms as a brand name can also be detrimental as descriptive terms can be used by others, so the brand name has less chance of being distinctive to the trader.

We assist in protecting your intellectual property. The protection of a trade mark registration is based not only around the mark itself but its statement of goods or services. If the statement of goods and services is incorrect or doesn’t properly cover what products or services you provide, your mark may be not protect your brand and it removable for non-use. There is also an overlap between the different classes of goods and services.

Therefore you should seek the advice of a patent and trade mark attorney before applying to register your mark.


EAGLEGATE’s founding Partner, Nicole Murdoch, is an Engineer, is an Australian Registered Trade Marks Attorney and has over 10 years experience registering , commercialising and enforcing trade marks. She is a Doyle’s Guide recommended IP lawyer and holds a Masters in the subject matter. She aims to settle cases on commercially sensible and economic terms without having to proceed to court.