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Patent Law

We assist clients to Protect, Commercialise and Protect their Patent Rights

It is imperative that you choose Patent lawyers who are experienced in Patent commercialisation and enforcement and have a proven track record of success.

We are trained Patent Lawyers and have represented some of the biggest Australian household names for over 10 years. All of our Patent Lawyers have practical industry experience in patentable subject matter and are experienced in running and winning Patent Infringement cases.

The Patenting Process

1. Patent Searches

The first stage to obtain a patent should always be to conduct searches to determine:

  • whether your invention is novel and inventive
  • what prior-art might exist in the marketplace that may pose an obstacle to your registration
  • determine if you are able to use your invention (after filing a patent application) without infringing others
  • determine the likelihood of obtaining grant of your Patent


2. Patent drafting and obtaining grant (prosecution)

The second stage of patenting is to use a Patent Attorney to draft your patent specification. Using a professional ensures:

  • the Patent claims are broad enough to capture immitators but not so broad that the Patent is not novel or inventive
  • the Patent conforms with the strict requirements of the Patents Act
  • the Patent captures the essence of your invention
  • objections raised by IP Australia can be easily overcome


3. Commercialisation and enforcement

We assist with:

  • Patent Litigation
  • injunctions and infringement advice
  • licensing agreements for patents
  • Patent infringement defences
  • Patent entitlement and invalidity advices