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Intellectual Property Infringement

Protect your intellectual property – IP Infringement

We offer a full range of Intellectual Property services, including IP Infringement advice, strategic intellectual property filing advice, cease and desist letters, letters of demand and litigation services and everything else you need to protect your Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright, Software and Designs.

Your Intellectual Property needs to be protected

We can guide you the entire way through Intellectual Property Litigation. We can craft a litigation strategy to give you peace of mind, to know that your Intellectual Property is being protected and your rights are being enforced.

Our Principal has an electrical engineering background and has been practising IP law for 10+ years. She is a Recommended Lawyer on the Doyles Guide for IP lawyers in Queensland. She founded the EAGLEGATE firm with the vision that everyone should have access to affordable IP rights protections and you should know the legal costs of matters before you begin.

Infringement Services

Patent Infringement

Patents are an ideal tool to secure an exclusive position in the marketplace. However, data and ideas are easy to steal or emulate. Some companies use patent infringement as a business strategy. If you have suffered damage as a result of your patent being infringed or you are accused of patent infringement, click here to see how we can help you resolve the dispute.

Trade Mark Infringement

A good trade mark distinguishes you from your competitors, lets consumers easily identify the product or service as originating from you and acts as a badge of confidence for your products and services. If you have a trade mark dispute, click here to see how we can assist.

Copyright Infringement

The types of copyright rights infringements we see include software programs (both source code and object code), business development agreements, marketing material (particularly from competitors websites), images and photographs and educational material. If you believe someone has taken your work, click here to see how we can assist you.

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What do our clients say?

COCODUST was represented by Nicole Murdoch exceptionally well. Although completely professional, I felt that Nicole was very personable with me and treated me as friend rather than a number.

Nicole went out of her way to understand our business and our business needs. Her advice was very sound and she was able to immediately ease all my concerns. She is one of the most intelligent individuals I have had the pleasure of getting to know and is truly exceptional in her field.

I feel very confident recommending Nicole as I know her high standards and quality advice will more than satisfy your needs.

Diana Nairn, Director of Sales and Distribution, COCODUST

As a marketing director in the cosmetics industry, we have utilised Nicole Murdoch’s services for approx. 8 years. Nicole is always highly professional with a friendly attitude and supportive attitude.

Her efficiency and attention to detail and follow through is exceptional.

Mandy Jolly, Marketing Manager, International Hair Cosmetics

Nicole has supported me and our companies on matters in Australia for years – from acquisitions, to employment-related matters, to general contract work. Matters are done effectively and timely. Nicole can handle difficult counter-parties, and she herself has an easy-going personality. She has an excellent understanding of software and mining technology. I recommend her unreservedly.

Collin Webb, Assistant General Counsel, Hexagon Group.