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Corporate Governance

Being a Director or company officer carries significant responsibilities. Directors need to understand the legal and regulatory environments in which their organisations operate and their personally liability.

We provide advice and guidance on corporate governance issues such as regulatory requirements, board and committee composition and oversight of risk management. We can help you comply with the reporting obligations and financial management requirements to satisfy your corporate governance responsibilities.

Our expertise extends to advising and training directors and other officers on their duties and corporate liabilities, codes of ethics and other governance-related matters designed to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and best practices.

We can advise:

  1. Directors and company officers on their responsibilities and the obligations of companies under relevant legislation;
  2. Boards and officers on the relevant training in due diligence and corporate governance obligations, compliance manuals and company reporting guidelines;
  3. The preparation for and function of annual general meetings, including approvals required under the Corporations Act and ASX Listing Rules;
  4. Necessary legal expertise for listed and unlisted companies on subjects such as executive service agreements, compliance with ASX listing rules and Corporations Act requirements governing directors’ entitlements;
  5. All matters affecting listed companies and Boards on corporate governance policies as they apply to the business, also topics ranging from code of conduct to a share trading policy and remunerations;
  6. Industry specific regulations.

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