External General Counsel

It is impossible to do business in the 21st Century without facing increased legal and regulatory compliance pressures. Often these pressures are faced alongside significantly shrinking budgets and with no in-house legal support. 

For organisations fortunate enough to have a budget for a dedicated in-house legal team, the team may be facing challenges staying abreast of legal trends in the industry or an employee may not be a good fit for the role.

An alternative is to hire external General Counsel to fully support your legal needs or to to supplement your in-house legal team to provide support in specialist areas of law.

By hiring an external general counsel, you ensure the person is suited for the role and if your budget does not allow you to continue, the relationship can be easily terminated.

EAGLEGATE’s corporate and commercial law experts are available to advise you on a full range of legal matters. We can act as external general counsel, company secretary or supplement your in-house teams.


Our services are tailored to you needs and your budget

We offer:

  • Direct Relationships: Access our experienced, commercial and IP lawyers without law firm overheads
  • Tailored Services: Outsourced general counsel or relief for your in-house legal team
  • No Long Term Commitment: On-demand legal services or monthly retainers
  • Cost Certainty: Day rates, monthly retainers or fixed fees
  • Results: Detailed legal advice crafted to ensure the best commercial outcomes

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