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Domain Name Disputes

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Fixed Fee Dispute Filing

Domain Name Disputes Lawyers

Providing domain name complaint and dispute services.

Protecting your brand online and within domains can be difficult. It is essential that you use qualified and experienced lawyers who understand the domain space to protect your rights.

Our Principal is a former director of the au Domain Administration, is a Domain Name Lawyer, registered Australian trade marks attorney and has protected the online rights of clients for over 10 years.

Launching a .auDRP or UDRP complaint is a cheaper and speedier alternative to litigation. It an economical form of domain name dispute resolution. It can also be seen as a gentler form of rights enforcement as it assists a party with competing rights and disputes between registrants to have the complaint decided by panelist with vast experience in settling these types of cases. Use of a domain name does not only include use of a website at the domain name, but it can include use in email addresses and email accounts.

Remedies for Domain Name Disputes

AU Dispute Resolution Policy (AUDRP) and Complaints

We represent both name holders and those who wish to recover a domain name in:

  • .au domain name cases
  • drafting and defending auDRP complaints
  • challenging Policy Deletes
  • entitlement disputes before the au Domain Administration
  • trade mark domain name disputes including trade mark infringement opinions and misleading and deceptive conduct claims


Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

We represent both name holders and those who wish to recover a name in:

  • uniform domain name dispute cases
  • advice under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy
  • defending rights to retain a domain name
  • representing domain name holders and complainants
  • settlement discussions
  • domain name and trade mark complaints
  • trade mark infringement opinions and misleading and deceptive conduct claims


Trade Mark use in Domain Names

We represent both trade mark owners and domain name holders and complainants in:

  • reverse hijacking advice
  • infringement and comparative advertising advice
  • trade mark registration and its affect on entitlement
  • trade marks in domain names and on social media sites
  • take down demands on social media websites
  • clearance to use searches
  • defence advice


Our Recent .auDRP and UDRP Decisions

Read our recent Decisions:

Why choose EAGLEGATE Lawyers?

It is imperative that you choose lawyers who are experienced in domain name matters. Challenging entitlement of a domain name is a speedier alternative to litigation. It is a form of dispute resolution that often gives you the commercial outcome you desire.

Our Principal is a former Director of the .au Domain Administration (the organisation that administers the .au domain space) and has been practicing Intellectual Property law for over a decade. She has been representing domain name registrants and trade mark owners in respect of competing rights in domains for decades.

We can also assist you to register a domain, obtain a domain name licence, dispute a Domain Name registration and obtain a trade mark registration.

We have run and won cases like yours before – let us win your case.

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