We can assist clients recover domain names which have been unfairly taken by others.

There have been reports in the media that MenuLog is brandjacking domain names of restaurants that sign up to its service. These reports have been made for a number of years and did not originate from EAGLEGATE. The reports state that MenuLog have contract terms that allow MenuLog to reserve domain names and use them as it sees fit, reserve domain names in their own name (and our own searches revealed over 6000 domain names are held in the name of MenuLog Pty Ltd) and don’t transfer the domain names to the restaurants when they request the transfer.

MenuLog’s position, as it is being reported, is that it does transfer domain names when requested to do so and transfers the domains within 48 hours of the request. It also denies all other wrongdoing. MenuLog has requested that another page we had on the topic be removed.

The Australian Consumer law takes a strict approach against unfair contract terms. The au Domain Administration (the organisation that governs the .au domain space) has strict policies as to who can reserve domain names.  Why does MenuLog need to reserve the domain names in its own name? What happens to the domain names when the restaurant leaves the MenuLog platform?

MenuLog Pty Ltd has over 6,000 registered domain names. If MenuLog has reserved your domain name, you are not alone – there is strength in numbers.

MenuLog may be able to ignore one complaint, but it cannot ignore 6,000 complaints 

By joining together we can fight back against MenuLog and force it to adopt fairer conditions and to record the restaurant owner as being the owner of the domain name. The proposed action combines resources to reduce costs and fights MenuLog in the most economical and low risk way

There is strength in numbers.

Why choose EAGLEGATE Lawyers?

It is imperative that you choose lawyers who are experienced in domain name disputes.

Our Principal is a former Director of the .au Domain Administration (the organisation that administers the .au domain space) and has been practicing Intellectual Property law for over a decade.

We have run and won domain name disputes like yours before – let us win your dispute.

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