EAGLEGATE  is a boutique Intellectual Property, Information and Communications Technology and Information Security law firm.

Our goal is to provide fresh, modern and agile solutions to your legal needs.

Leveraging our 10+ experience in IP law, ICT, Cyberlaw and our 10 years practical experience in the IT, forensics and encryption domains we are disrupting the legal industry to build a distinctly different law firm and, at the same time, provide peace of mind to our clients.
EAGLEGATE is one of the few law firms in Australia that has a Principal with industry and legal experience in IT and Information Security.
Benefit from our experience….


Our clients are our focus.
  We aim to create deep relationships with clients to fully understand our client’s goals and objectives. We identify completely the legal issues in our client’s businesses, to partner with clients and to and provide tailored solutions – both practical and cost effective.
This provides value to our clients in a manner distinctly different to other law firms. 

We act for a diverse range of clients, including startups, IP rich companies, and some of the world’s largest software, mining, food production and technology companies.

We have broad, real world, practical experience in the information, communications, privacy and technology sectors and that experience gives our clients a competitive edge and allows us to understand the nexus between technology and the law. We are open, direct and transparent.


Our clients are not buying time, they are buying peace of mind and our 20+ years of experience

We believe that the traditional time-based pricing of legal fees is outdated, unsuitable for the vast majority of matters and unsustainable.

Traditional pricing models encourage solicitors to spend longer on matters than they reasonably should and it does not always reflect the value of the professional legal services rendered to the client.

EAGLEGATE offers a variety of pricing models; retainer, fixed fee, phase based and value-based pricing method. We can also charge using the phase based method for litigation matters or charge by the time spent model.